Expert Witness For Businesses & Private Clients

Our experts can help you in

  • Investigating serious accidents to identify immediate causes, underlying causes and root causes.
  • Recommending remedial actions following accidents.
  • Reviewing previous accidents to ensure that effective follow up action has been taken.
  • Providing written reports for management and legal actions.
  • Acting as expert witnesses for either claimants or defendants

Thorough investigations by the experts

Has a serious accident occurred within your business or to one of your employees? Is an inspector from the enforcing authority likely to visit as a result of the accident? For expert investigations, look no further and contact Peter Wormald Safety Services.

We offer an expert witness service which includes investigations, incident outcomes, improvement plans, supporting defendants, supporting claimants, supporting informant bodies, inspections and more.

Get in touch with us now to find out more about our services. We serve businesses in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, UK & Worldwide